By Roy Green, SpaDreams

1. Anjayu: The House of Ayurveda

Specializes Primarily In Ayurveda Programs

Anjayu The House of Ayurveda

Anjayu: The House of Ayurveda | Photo Source: FIT Reisen

Opened in 2012, this newer resort is on the smaller size, but its intimate atmosphere contributes to the personalized attention guests receive and high standards of the services offered. For traditional Ayurveda, Anjayu: The House of Ayurveda is a truly superb program. Another advantage? It’s located right next to the ocean (the area is known for its coconut cultivation and yellow sandy beaches) and being by the sea adds to the relaxing vibe. The program focuses on regeneration as well as improving your overall health and well-being. For guests who are looking for weight loss or weight management treatments, this hotel offers weight reduction as well as anti-aging, stress relieving and beauty programs. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Anjayu: The House of Ayurveda is rated an amazing 4.8 out of 5 on SpaDreams by previous guests. Usually, the hotel has limited availability due to size, location and popularity. To promote relaxation, Anyayu is set apart from the mass tourism of the surrounding areas.  With first-class Ayurvedic standards, including two Ayurveda doctors and six qualified therapists available for health and various treatments, Anjayu deserves to be considered for an upcoming Ayurveda health getaway.

2. Ayurveda Kuren Maho

Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine Programs

Ayurveda Kuren Maho

Ayurveda Kuren Maho | Photo: FIT Reisen

Surrounded by a peaceful tropical jungle landscape, Ayurveda Kuren Maho and its Ayurveda center were rated an overall 4.7 out of 5, primarily for the impressive authenticity of its Ayurveda programs. If you’re looking for a very authentic experience, this exotic destination may be for you. Thanks to its unique location in the heartland of Maho, this 30-acre resort is ideally suited for effective Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda programs, due to the dry climate and close proximity to the ocean. The clarifying, salt-free oxygen-rich air supports the healing process.

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Ayurveda Kuren Maho Rooms

Ayurveda Kuren Maho Private Bungalow

Guests are accommodated in private bungalows which adds to the peace and tranquility of the experience. Meanwhile, professionally trained doctors, therapists and Ayurvedic practitioners are on-site to meet the needs of clients and facilitate a high-quality, comprehensive Ayurveda/Traditional Chinese Medicine program. Not to mention, the resort offers attractive pricing regularly, as well as limited-time promotions. For those aged 58 and over, ask about the Senior Discount for Ayurveda, a discounted guest rate.

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